How to Workout & Stay Fit While Fasting?
Energize Your Body This Ramadan!

Most Muslims don't know how to exercise in Ramadan! Every year, too many Muslims struggle feeling tired & low-energy while fasting. This makes us feel awful instead of productive, and leads to unhealthy weight gain! But, exercising in Ramadan doesn't have to be so hard!

Exercise can actually help you experience your BEST spiritual Ramadan with high energy...
Because a strong body means a STRONGER Ramadan!
Learn simple, practical strategies on how to balance family, worship & exercise while fasting!

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In this webinar, we discussed:

  • Why you should NOT quit working out in Ramadan! Too many Muslims stop exercising in Ramadan due to busy schedules & wanting to focus on worship + family. Learn how to exercise for high energy & to experience your BEST Ramadan ever, inshAllah!
  • When to workout in Ramadan?! Practical tips to schedule your workouts while fasting to make exercising a realistic part of your best Ramadan!
  • Best exercises for Ramadan?! Learn our system for short, fast workouts to burn fat & energize your body while fasting at home!


Suhoor & Iftar Secrets!
Healthy Eating in Ramadan Made Simple!!

You want to eat healthy in Ramadan... but you ALSO want to enjoy your favorite ethnic meals & treats. HOW?! Learn the BEST foods to eat in Ramadan to boost energy and fuel your fasts... without sacrificing samosas, biryani, or desserts! This is your practical crash course on Suhoor & Iftar to fuel your fasts!

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In this webinar, we discussed:

  • 4 rules for a nutritious Suhoor! Don't feel tired & hungry all day! A well-planned Suhoor is the secret to have an energetic fast, and it doesn't have to be complicated with our simple Suhoor Rules!
  • What NOT to do at Iftar?! What you eat at Iftar will determine how good you feel during night prayers! Enjoy all your favorite Iftar foods - and know what to watch out for at Iftar to avoid a sluggish, low-energy night!
  • Overeating, Hydration & More! Food in Ramadan is about so much more than WHAT you eat. It's about HOW you eat it, too! Learn simple steps to change your relationship with food this Ramadan with mindful eating!


How to Sleep Better in Ramadan?!
Fasting Sleep Hacks & Nap Tips!

Do you feel tired, exhausted & sleepy while fasting? Then you probably need to fix your sleep in Ramadan! During Ramadan, we experience a chronobiological phase shift that has a huge impact on our sleep-wake cycle. The good news is that simple tips can make a HUGE difference to improve your daily sleep quality, boost your energy, and make you feel better & more productive every fasting day.

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In this webinar, we discussed:

  • Practical sleep tips you can implement every night to improve your sleep! Simple upgrades to your nighttime routine can make you feel SO much more rested, even with reduced Ramadan sleep hours!
  • Napping Guidelines! What's the best way to nap? Learn effective nap patterns to energize your fasting days!
  • How to recover from sleep deprivation & sleep debts?! We all experience lack of sleep in Ramadan due to prayer, family and personal obligations. Learn the science of sleep debts to help your body catch-up and overcome this challenge!


Coping with Emotional Eating
& Eating Disorders in Ramadan

How do we cope with emotional eating or eating disorders during & after Ramadan? Join Amal Qutub MSW RSW for a practical, healing discussion! This is a must-watch for Muslim families!

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In this webinar, we discussed:

  • Myths vs. Facts about Eating disorders: Understanding the spectrum of disordered eating patterns & how it can impact your Ramadan experience
  • Red Flags: How you can tell if someone in your family or a loved one is struggling with emotional or disordered eating?
  • Practical tips for families to cope with emotional eating & eating disorders in Ramadan in healthy, healing ways!

Meet Your Ramadan Health Coach

Amina Khan is an award-winning international fitness specialist and Founder of Amanah Fitness, dedicated to restoring health in the global Muslim community. She was named Canada’s Top Fitness Professional of the Year in 2018 by CanFitPro for her work promoting weight loss and fitness for Muslim women around the world. She is currently completing her PhD degree in Health Psychology at Walden University. Her goal is to inspire Muslims to revive the Sunnah of healthy active living!

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