When is the best time to workout in Ramadan?

When is the best time to workout in Ramadan?

Picking the RIGHT time to exercise in Ramadan has a major effect on your energy, hydration and workout potential!

SUMMARY: A lot of Muslims are confused as to when to exercise in Ramadan for best results. Squeezing in your Ramadan workout at the RIGHT time can make a HUGE difference in your energy throughout the day! This article will present 6 possible workout timings in Ramadan and givve you the pros and cons of each, so you can schedule your workout the smart way! 


The MOST common question Muslims ask about exercising in Ramadan is when to schedule their workouts during the day. Indeed, there are many scheduling possibilities for your workouts, both fasted and non-fasted.

Everyone is different and an exercise timing that works for someone else may feel not comfortable for you. Select a fitness schedule that will best suit your current fitness level and lifestyle, and modify according to how you feel in Ramadan.

Let’s examine the research for the pros and cons of each possible time to determine the best time for YOU to exercise:

Picking the right workout timing is essential to ensure you can complete your workout safely while benefitting from the amazing effects of exercise, and avoiding exercise withdrawal during Ramadan!

Be sure to read our article on WHAT TYPES OF WORKOUTS ARE BEST FOR RAMADAN to learn what types of exercises are ideal for fasting.

Scheduling Your Amanah Fitness Bootcamp Workouts

Our popular Ladies-Only Amanah Fitness Bootcamp signature home workout program features short, 20-minute workouts that can be done anywhere, with NO equipment, taught by hijabi Bootcamp Instructor, Amina Khan! The Amanah Fitness Bootcamp program workouts are ideal for Ramadan because they are short, high intensity, and include resistance work to prevent muscle loss during Ramadan. Workout timing #3 and #4 are best for the Amanah Fitness Bootcamp program, although many members also use workout timing #2 and report great success. The Amanah Fitness Bootcamp is the perfect exercise routine for Ramadan – click here to learn more! 

Being aware of the impact your workout timing has on your ability to exercise in Ramadan will allow you to maintain a solid exercise schedule during Ramadan. Next, be sure to read WHAT TYPES OF WORKOUTS ARE BEST FOR RAMADAN to make sure your workouts are perfectly suited for high-energy and avoid muscle loss during this blessed month!

Healthy FOOD, EXERCISE and SLEEP must come together for your HEALTHIEST Ramadan ever! Luckily, we’ve got you covered!

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DISCLAIMER: Any online advice as to how to exercise in Ramadan can serve as generalised advice ONLY. Each person must ensure to consult their doctor for individualised recommendations based on their own medical history and fitness capabilities.
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