The Ramadan Reset eBook: Your Complete Guide to Your HEALTHIEST Ramadan EVER!  

By Fitness Instructor Specialist Amina Khan & Registered Dietitian YaQutullah Ibraheem MS, RDN

Ramadan is supposed to be a time of spiritual and personal growth, but unfortunately, too many Muslims go through the month overeating, GAINING weight & sitting all day with low energy & no exercise! 

The good news is that it does NOT have to be this way! The Complete RAMADAN RESET GUIDEBOOK equips you with ALL the tools to guide you, step by step, through the month to lose weight, feel great, and eat & move HEALTHY with expert advice for the whole family this Ramadan!


"Usually every Ramadan I GAIN 10 pounds... with your encouragement, me and my husband EACH LOST 15 pounds!!"

Healthy eating in Ramadan can change you and your family's lives. 

Losing weight and staying healthy in Ramadan requires dedication, but it does NOT have to be hard! Amnah had a transformative experience during Ramadan following our healthy eating and exercise guidelines. We have done ALL the thinking & planning for you, so all you have to do is literally follow instructions outlined in the guidebook to be able to see amazing results!

Our guidebook empowers you to help your entire family reach their ideal weight, eat delicious, nutritious food & and get active this Ramadan... the SIMPLE way! 

The complete formula for a HEALTHY, ACTIVE & SIMPLE Ramadan. 

With dietitian-developed meal plans & recipes and the latest research on the starvation effect and fasting fitness schedules for ALL levels, get ready for your HEALTHIEST RAMADAN EVER inshAllah!


Take the guesswork out of suhoor & iftar with a never-feel-hungry dietitian meal plan! NO deprivation! 


Get the healthiest recipes for family meals, energising smoothies, digestive soups & more! Perfect during & after ramadan! 


Eat everything YOU love… but in the right amounts! Learn simple ways to always stay in control even with Mom's best biryani! 


This guidebook teaches you eveything you need to know about chronobiological shifts, sleep in Ramadan, hydration, coffee, sugar, fried foods & more! 


We're sick of all the WRONG information that's out there about fasting fitness! This guidebook gives you the lastest research on WHEN to exercise, HOW to exercise for maximum FAT BURN and sample workouts to GET IT DONE for ALL fitness levels! 


Fitess made simple in Ramadan - 1 minute a day is all you need for our Daily Plank Progression Challenge! AND get FULL workout plans, timers & our exercise library for do-anywhere-fitness!  

"In previous years I had struggled to find a way to fit exercise in during the blessed month of Ramadan. Ramadan Reset allowed me to not only make exercise a regular part of my Ramadan but continuing past Ramadan and loving it! I was also able to transition to more healthy eating during the month. Alhamdulillah, I lost weight and felt very energetic. Even my son lost weight through my participation in Ramadan Reset! I have acquired skills that benefit me far beyond the Holy month of Ramadan!  

I highly recommend the Ramadan Reset to everyone!"

Jannah Campbell - Ottawa, Canada

Expert Advice For Your HEALTHIEST Ramadan EVER! 

There simply is NO other resource in the Muslim community that is THIS comprehensive in terms of providing you with ALL the tools you need to succeed, lose weight and reach your health goals in Ramadan! 

Sure, you could google weight loss and fasting information, but most of the available information on fasting and weight loss is by bloggers with little to no qualifications. Our meal plan and nutrition guidelines are created by Registered Dietitians. Our Fitness Schedules are reated by a Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist and the workouts have been tested on hundreds of students and proven to be effective. There is NO other resource that provides this extensive information by QUALIFIED sources. There’s simply nothing else like it! 

- About the Authors - 

Amina Khan (Fitness Instructor Specialist) 

Amina Khan received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour from McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. degree in Health Psychology at Walden University. She is a CAN Fit-PRO Certified Fitness Instructor and Founder of Amanah Fitness. She is the creator of the 30 Day Bootcamp Fat Loss System, and through her proven workout system, she has coached hundreds of Muslim women around the world to help them lose weight and get in the best shape of their lives. Amina’s mission is to improve health in the Muslim community after her own 60-pound weight loss journey through simple & effective at-home nutrition and exercise programs of the highest quality!

YaQutullah Ibrahim MS, RDN LD (Registered Dietitian)

YaQutullah Ibrahim MS, RDN LD received her Bachelor’s degree in nutrition and Masters degree in Health Sciences and Nutrition from Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a member of Muslims in Dietetics and Nutrition (MIDAN), a member interest group of the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and is certi ed in adult weight management. As part of the primary care team, she provides nutrition education to women veterans and their families at the Atlanta VA Medical Center Women’s Center of Excellence. She loves helping Muslims find their healthiest best selves in the kitchen! 

"Ramadan Reset has been the approach that I have sought for a long time. Over the years, I have tried many diets and workout programs that only provide short-term results. I was feeling stuck in the cycle of disappointment. However, I was able to implement the Ramadan Reset and involve my whole family since the program is balanced and there is no food restriction!" Sr. R - Canada

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