Can you drink coffee in Ramadan?
Stop the caffeine withdrawals and learn how to enjoy your caffeine without dehydrating yourself!


All around the world, Muslims love coffee! For many Muslims, drinking coffee in the morning for as a “pick me up” is a well-loved habit. The thoughts of quitting coffee for Ramadan can seem difficult!


Despite loving coffee, many Muslims also worry that drinking coffee in Ramadan may cause you to feel overly dehydrated and thirsty while fasting all day, or may cause you to use the bathroom excessively.


But… are these fears about coffee really true?  How should Muslims approach drinking coffee in Ramadan?


This article aims to correct misunderstandings about coffee and provide a research-based perspective as to the effects of coffee on your body while fasting and guidelines for safely drinking coffee during Ramadan so you can be prepared for Ramadan… coffee cup in hand!

Did you know

Summarise it! Can you drink coffee in Ramadan?

  1. Coffee does not necessarily dehydrate you or make you urinate more frequently, if you are already tolerant to drinking a certain amount of coffee on a regular basis (learn how your current coffee drinking habits change how coffee affects you in the WILL COFFEE DEHYDRATE YOU? article and the HOW MUCH COFFEE CAN YOU DRINK? articles).
  2. Coffee can count towards your daily water intake in Ramadan, especially when you drink it without added sugar. (Read the WILL COFFEE DEHYDRATE YOU? article to learn how hydrating coffee is, in comparison to water, to keep you hydrated while fasting, and the TEA, SUGAR & CREAM article to know what you should put in your coffee!)
  3. Keep your coffee intake below 300mg of caffeine a day during Ramadan. Read the HOW MUCH COFFEE CAN YOU DRINK? Article to see how your current coffee intake compares, and if you need to adjust for Ramadan.
Enjoy your coffee during Ramadan!
Learn exactly how much coffee you can drink: