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Ramadan Meal Plan // Motivational Workshops // Fasting Fitness Workout Schedule

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Finally, LOSE weight this Ramadan the healthy way!

Ramadan is supposed to be a time of spiritual and personal growth, but unfortunately, too many people go through the month overeating, gaining weight, and sitting all day with absolutely no exercise and low energy. 

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way!  Now you can go through Ramadan equipped with all the resources you need to guide you, step by step, through the month to make sure you are meeting your health goals, whether that’s losing weight, feeling great, or just finally having a healthy, wholesome Ramadan that makes you feel your best! 

Join the ramadan Reset Academy to FINALLY Lose the Weight this Ramadan!
Spend LESS time, get MORE results!

"For me it started with an idea to save time to do ibadah more & cook less. Then Allah gave me Amanah Fitness alhamdulillaah from the webinar. After that I got a source of healthy food, drinks, ideas & many more. Most importantly I got motivation to stick to healthy food style. More active body, more focus on ibadah and many more! Jazakillaah khair for this awesome idea! <3" 

- Umm Yahya

Follow a trusted system for health success.

"I came across the Ramadan Reset and it gave me hope. Sister Amina’s passion, expertise and sincerity transformed me. They made me believe that I could. Sister Amina is an expert and with the extra blessings found during the month of Ramadan, you'll probably want to make a donation out of gratitude to Allah for having taken a serious step towards investing in yourself."

- Sr. Aisha, MSc.

Here's what you get...

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Complete 30-Day Fasting Meal Plan created by a Registered Dietitian

Get a complete Ramadan meal plan created by Registered Dietitian YaQutullah Ibrahim, featuring 30 days of culturally diverse iftar, suhoor, digestive soups and snacks, as well as 30 refueling post-workout smoothie recipes and 30 time-saving meal prep ideas. Never guess what to eat for suhoor or iftar again!

Short, effective, fat-burning Fasting Fitness Schedule for ALL activity levels!

No matter what your activity level, this comprehensive exercise plan will dramatically improve your overall fitness. This plan features a complete 30-day schedule for total beginners, non-exercisers, intermediate and even advanced exercisers. All workouts are around 30 minutes to be short, fast and effective.

4 LIVE Mindset Mastery Workshops on Motivation & Habit Formation

Worry about your motivation no more! Finally overcome the mental stumbling blocks that have been holding you back from losing weight and reaching your health goals. These 4 workshops will cover your relationship with food, finding YOUR motivation for change, mastering fitness habits, long-term health planning & more! 

2 LIVE Workshops during Ramadan

Get started in Ramadan the RIGHT way with foundational workshops on the psychology of a healthy lifestyle! Learn 4 pillars of a healthy relationship with food, and how to identify environmental factors that may be making you gain weight! Next, learn how to stop relying on external motivation, and instead create INSPIRATION from within to always maintain your health! 

Join the Ramadan Reset Academy!

2 LIVE Workshops AFTER Ramadan

Keep up your positive health habits AFTER Ramadan and make it a lifestyle! In these two workshops we talk about readiness for change - how to judge your psychological likelihood of maintaining healthy habits, and how to make you more likely to succeed. We explore habit formation and how to create a healthy lifestyle plan INDIVIDUALIZED to YOUR personality style, so you can STOP dieting once and for all! 

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2 BONUS Recorded Workshops:
Fasting for Patients with Diabetes
Fasting for Pregnant & Breastfeeding Mothers

Registered Dietitian Dima al-Sayed has recorded two specialized sessions for patients with diabetes and fasting mothers (pregnant or breastfeeding). We talk about what health concerns you may have in Ramadan, HOW and WHAT to discuss with your doctor, and how to ensure you are staying safe while fasting! 

Get started on your health today!

"Usually every Ramadan I GAIN 10 pounds... with your encouragement, me and my husband EACH LOST 15 pounds!!"

Healthy eating in Ramadan can change you and your family's lives. 

Last year, Amnah had a transformative experience during Ramadan following our healthy eating guidelines. Be the change in your family and help your entire family reach their ideal weight and make better health choices this Ramadan! 

Losing weight requires dedication, but it does NOT have to be hard! We have done ALL the thinking for you, so all you have to do is literally follow instructions to be able to see amazing results!

Satisfaction guaranteed!

We stand behind our products at Amanah Fitness, and we want you to feel confident when buying. You will receive instant access to your downloads in the Ramadan Reset Academy with ALL the tools you need to transform your health in Ramadan! You have a full 100% 7-day refund period to make sure the program is the right fit for you. If only everything in life came with that kind of guarantee, right? ;) 

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"There simply is NO other resource in the Muslim community that is THIS comprehensive in terms of providing you with ALL the tools you need to succeed, lose weight and reach your health goals in Ramadan inshAllah!"

Our meal plan and diabetes/pregnancy workshops are both created by Registered Dietitians. Our Fitness Schedule was created by a Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist and the workouts have been tested on hundreds of students and proven to be effective. Our workshops are delivered by a Doctoral Student of Health Psychology.

There is NO other resource that provides this extensive information by QUALIFIED sources. There’s simply nothing else like it!  And I am SO excited to bring this resource to you to help you finally master your health goals this Ramadan!

See you inside the Ramadan Reset Academy and let's get started on YOUR health journey, inshAllah! :)

- Your coach, Amina Khan 
(Founder, Amanah Fitness)

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    ONE single payment of  $197CAD
    • Complete 30 Day Meal Plan
    • Shopping list, 30-days of smoothie
      & time saving recipes, tracking sheets & more!
    • 30 Day Fasting Fitness Schedule
      (for ALL activity levels!)
    • 4 LIVE workshops on mindset 
      mastery, habits & motivation
    • BONUS workshop on Fasting with Diabetes
    • BONUS workshop on Fasting 
      as a Pregnant or Breastfeeding Mother 

    3 Monthly Payments of $67CAD
    • First payment is billed 
      immediately to enroll
    • Immediate access to the 
      entire online academy
    • 2 more monthly payments of $67
      will be automatically charged to 
      your credit card over the next 
      two months for a total of 3
      payments of $67. 
    • You will not be charged again 
      after your third and final payment.

Let's get started on YOUR healthiest Ramadan EVER inshAllah! 

What difference would all this expert coaching have on your health, your weight and your life, and how much would your health transformation be worth to you?

If you were to hire experts to provide all this education to you, you would spend hundreds, maybe even thousands, trying to put together a complete system for health transformation. But we’ve done all the work for you, and put all this life-changing information into our easy-to-follow, step-by-step affordable Ramadan Reset Academy. 

This program will change your life this Ramadan, and allow you to not only finally master your health, but give you the strength and energy you need to reach your spiritual and life goals, inshAllah. It’s time for a mindset change.
It’s time for a Ramadan Reset.  

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